This is one of the best assembly videos. It shows some very good tips on assembly.


My design of snap on filament guide with bearing. Also Found under my 3D printing page.

My design of snap in clips to hold the display cable and SD adaptor cable. Also Found under my 3D printing page.

I designed this from scratch based off of the looks of the bullseye but in no way used his files to create this. This is 100% my file. It should fit his base. I also designed my own base.

YouTube channels of the 3 people who make very good videos specifically for the Ender 3.

I saw a design on Thingiverse but I didn't like the quality. I also wanted a bit more clamp force and curved ends to help put them on easily. Version 2 has more pressure and a thicker base.

There's a few website that are NOT associated with Creality, but using their name. be very careful who you are buying it from. one to avoid it it is NOT Creality. It's best to buy from known sources like Amazon, Matterhackers, Gearbest, etc. Also, there are many manufacturers making Ender 3 knock offs. they are all the same except for the standard VS. the Pro. I bought 2 Sainsmarts. Love them. Amazon is the fastest. the others may take weeks to deliver. Also, some of the more inexpensive ones have hidden shipping costs that don't show up until you go to check out.

My instructions for the Thingiverse drag chain. I renamed their part files to make it easy.


A key thing to do before assembling is to buy the upgraded Capricorn tubing and better fittings. The fittings are one PC4-M6 and one PC4-M10 couplings.

This page is dedicated to Tips, Tricks, Mods, and assembly instructions for the Creality Ender 3 printer. It is a great value and very solid design. I prefer extrusion and V wheels compared to cheap linear rails and linear bearings. Easy to mod. Easy to repair if need be. Easy to assemble. It took about 1 hour to assemble to the tip instruction videos compared to 4 plus hours for my Zonestar printer. Some files are mine. None of the Thingiverse ones are. I'd like to thank the amazing people who made the videos and part files that fill this page.

REVED 11/30/2018