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This is my standalone rotary CNC machine design. It's a work in progress and I started to build it. I will update the drawings as I complete it. along with links to parts and more information.

As I'm building the machine itself I'll be making minor adjustments to ensure strength (see REV 03 change notes). I did not note this because corner brackets can look different, BUT if you get the corner brackets with the little nubs that fit in the extrusion slot, you will have to grind off one sides nubs on almost all corner brackets, and most will require both sides ground off. I used a bench grinder which took about 15 to 20 seconds each. so if you can source corner brackets without nubs, do so. See 3rd image below.

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I'm building the controller in a free Pelican case I had. It's the perfect fit for the 3 drivers, Arduino, and power supply. It has four 50mm fans, 2 blowing in from the bottom, 2 blowing out from the top, for ventilation. It's not done yet, but I'll fully detail it once complete. It's a 3 driver version of the Demon controller.

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I love to help others learn what I have. I don't expect anyone to pay for information. but this website isn't free and it takes time to create these. If you can spare a dollar or two, awesome! If not, no worries and enjoy the information!


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* REV 01 notes: Added drag chain brackets. Increased decimal places to 3 on inch dimensions.

* REV 02 notes: Added note on BOM about sourcing parts.

* REV 03 notes: Changed Item 10 to max size, made 1/8" plate instead of 1/4" (hardware 

                           changed). Added rib to back of main X axis extrusion. Added support to bottom

                           of tail stock rail. Added brackets for drag chain and fully detailed drag chain


* REV 04 notes: Added item 51 (drag chain support bracket). added relief in item 9 for Delrin nut

                          screw heads. moved lower drag chain bracket attachment point. fixed DXF of

                          item 10.

* REV 05 notes: Added some wire management. .STL files for 3D printing are now in the .zip file.

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Here is a simple excel calculator that helps figure out your rotary steps per mm to be degrees. the correct steps per mm will give you 1 perfect complete rotation when jogged Y360

I will update with links and pictures as I build it.

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