These are products I have used or just think are cool or useful for the CNC user.

Triquetra CNC

Inventables is much like the current executives at Harley Davidson. Completely out of touch with their customer base.

Harley decided to invite Elton john to headline at the reunion instead of kid rock. When I think of a Harley Davidson owner, I don't think of a pink boa and high heels on a man.

Harley decided to ship work overseas. When I think Harley Davidson, I don't think about made in china, I think 100% American made.

When inventables started to ignore the customers and charge for crappy v carving that wasn't ready, they lost their way. The customers wanted open source. Give to the community and get back more. That's what drew me into inventables and the x-carve. In the past year, they decided to abandon that path. Outsource the x-controller to the cheapest bidder. Quality control has gone down the drain. R.I.P. inventables

But like a Harley Davidson, I still love my x-carve. Not because of the company who sold it to me, but because of the community that WE, the customers, made. We hold true to the original idea of an open source CNC machine, ever changing, advancing, and improving. So I will ALWAYS support OUR community. But the company that has strayed so far from its original path is no longer the source of the community. Just another supplier who doesn't understand their customers. 

Offers a screw drive upgrade for the X-Carve

After many negative interactions with bullies on the forum, I can no longer advocate for Inventables. My last experience was me getting bullied and them kicking me out of the forum. I will continue to support my fellow CNC brothers and sisters, but I can no longer support them as a company.

Awesome software for laser engraving images. Check out their examples! It will blow your mind!

STEEL Plate X-carve Risers!!!

Makes laser add on kits for CNC machines. I just got mine and love it!!!

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Makes 3 axis touch plates for the CNC along with high lift end plates for the X-carve. Also has his own software to help use the 3 axis touch plate. He is also just a great guy to talk and do business with. CHECK HIM OUT!