It can be used to swap x axis or y axis (single or tandem drivers)

  • 1x Demon Rotary Switch (Fully Assembled)​​
  • 1x 1/2" Thick Spacer

The Demon Rotary Switch TM allows you to easily connect a rotary axis to a GRBL CNC machine using a Demon Controller TM or similar TB6600 driver controller. Not to be confused with complete 4th axis control. Using GRBL, you can only have 3 axis control. What this will do is allow you to utilize the Rotary features in Vectric's Vcarve and Aspire software with a GRBL controller running TB6600 drivers. Imagine just jogging over to the center of rotation on your Rotary axis mounted off to the side of your machine. Flip the switch on the Demon Rotary Switch TM and it will switch the correct axis over to another TB6600 driver controlling your rotary axis. The only change you have to make to your GRBL settings is the rotary's steps per mm (See the Rotary Demon training page for more information on using a rotary axis with GRBL)  It also leaves your other axis you switched from energized and locked in place. You can connect it to X axis or Y axis. If connecting it in place of an axis that has 2 slaved TB6600 drivers, like the Y1 and Y2, the Demon Rotary Switch TM has an A and B output that are slaved. Simply connect only 1 of the Y outputs from the Demon Shield TM to the INPUT of the Demon Rotary Switch TM and us both OUTPUT A and OUTPUT B to connect to the Y1 and Y2 TB6600 drivers.

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