Once in UGS (double click on the .jar file) and you are connected to your machine and unlocked, click the PENDANT dropdown menu and click START. In the scrolling readout, an email address will be displayed. type that into your smart phones web browser and you will see the menu above.


Be mindful of the units you are operating in on the computer screen. you don't want to send it 10 inches when you meant 10 mm.

UGS is an awesome free software for controlling a CNC machine written by Will Winder. His work is amazing. But the built in phone pendant never worked correctly. It would travel at a snail pace or not at all. Jelle Van Regenmortel spent the time to completely go through it to make it work as you'd want it to. Please buy him a coffee with the link at the bottom if you use his version and find it useful.


Universal Gcode Sender