Co2 Laser

This thing is amazing. It can accommodate pieces up to 12 inches by 19 inches. It cuts and engraves. Woods, acrylic, glass, and even engrave on stone. I can etch coated metals also.


An amazing machine hand built. It can accommodate pieces up to 30 inches square or 30 inches by longer if tiled. It cuts with precision. Anything that can be designed, can be built!

Powder Coat Curing Oven

I needed an electric oven to cure the powder coat paint. I could have just got a used electric oven, but that would be an eye sore in the shop (ok garage). I just happened to have an old Coke machine that stopped working sitting there. Upon further inspection, I noticed the Coke machine had all steel construction, 2 inch thick insulated walls. It would need heating elements, a glass window, a heat controller, and a lot of power! I gutted it and started the transformation. I wanted to keep it looking like a working Coke machine from the front so I mounted the window on the side and the controls on the back. The front sign lights up making a great night light too!

Manufacturing Processes

Rolling Machine

The rolling machine is the starting point of a lot of components that make up our lighting fixtures. I modified a design I saw on Youtube. I bought the raw steel and fabricated it using calipers to measure, a drill press, a chop saw, a metal lathe to make the rollers, a grinder, and a lot of weld. This tool is very easy to use and can handle very thick steel!

Hoop Jigs

I use these hoop jigs to help me achieve a perfectly round and flat hoop. The toggle clamps put pressure down and in to hold the steel tight to the form for welding. The inner wooden form was made by attaching a router on a flat bar and rotating it around a hole in both the round bar and the wood. These are only used to tack-weld the hoop closed so there is no concern of burning up the form. The final weld is done on a solid steel table.

Alignment fixture

Color coded lines perfectly spaced out for large and small bottles adorn this fixture. This is used to align and perfectly space out the bottle holders. It also has 8 supports that help align the cross brace parts making the spacing and alignment foolproof.